Arts, Music & Entertainment in Bakersfield

Arts, Music &
in Bakersfield

Let our list put you on the guest list for the hottest Arts, Music and Entertainment in Bakersfield. We'll make sure you're seated at the best premiers, top musicals and special venues the city has to offer.

Bakersfield Museum of Art, Symphony Orchestra, more...

Arts, Music & Entertainment in Bakersfield

Family Attractions in

Family fun bounces around from north to south in Bakersfield. Check out our list of family fun things to do with kid friendly activities for hours of memorable family fun.

Calm Zoo, Camelot Park, more...

Bakersfield Festivals & Shows

Bakersfield Festivals & Shows

Our guide gets you festive for a festival in Bakersfield. X marks the spot on your calendar for festivals that celebrate a little jazz, a little beer and a lot of fun.

Bakersfield Jazz Festival, Festival of Beers, more...

Hidden Treasures in Bakersfield

Hidden Treasures in

Our list of hidden treasures keeps you off the beaten path in Bakersfield and on the road to discover attractions that keep the city distinctive and your time memorable.

Murray Family Farms Station, Sweet Surrender, more...

Bakersfield Museums & History

Bakersfield Museums & History

Travel back in time to learn about historical facts and people that make Bakersfield the Southern Gateway to the Central Valley and the Capital Music City of California through the city's many museums.

Kern County Museum, Minter Field Air Museum, more...

Bakersfield for Nature Lovers

Bakersfield for
Nature Lovers

We've traveled the banks of the Kern River from sunset to sunrise to explore Bakersfield's great outdoors. Naturally our list is your natural choice to a naturally good time.

Wind Wolves Preserve, Kern River Fly Fishing, more...

Bakersfield Nightlife


Stay up late in Bakersfield. Nightlife in B Town is uptown, downtown and all around town. Our list puts in the right spot at the right time for the perfect nightlife time.

Goose Loonies Tavern and Grill, McMurphy's Irish Pub, more...

Restaurants in Bakersfield

Bakersfield Restaurants

Travel the culinary flavors of Bakersfield to discover a blend of American and Basque cuisine at one of our favorite B Town restaurants.

Wool Growers Restaurant, Marie Callender's, more...

Romantic Date Ideas in Bakersfield

Romantic Date
Ideas in Bakersfield

Sweethearts find romance in the air in Bakersfield. Our sweetheart list takes flight, gets poetic and even goes country to make sure sweethearts have a sweet time together.

The Fox Theater, Professor Muldoon's Hot Air Balloon Company, more...

Bakersfield Shopping


Whether you're shopping for something new, meeting with friends, going to a movie or running a quick errand there's a shopping destination in Bakersfield that has it all!

Valley Plaza Mall, The Marketplace, more...

Bakersfield Sports & Recreation

Bakersfield Sports &

Sports fanatics and recreational sports enthusiasts find a place to sport there business on our Bakersfield hit list. Whether you like to watch sports or join in on the fun, we've made sure you're the winner.

Bakersfield Jam, Sierra South Mountain Sports, more...

Unique Bakersfield Tours

Unique Bakersfield

Get a bird's-eye view or insider's point of view when you tour our list of the people, place and events that make Bakersfield a distinctive destination to tour and travel.

California Living Museum, Buck Owens' Crystal Palace, more...